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Cyber Security & Cloud Solutions

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of critical data

Cyber Security Brisbane

What we offer

We partner with you to understand and improve your security posture with localised expertise from our team of passionate professionals. 


Test your weaknesses.

Protect with the latest, fit for purpose technology for your bespoke needs.


Secure IaaS, PaaS & SaaS solutions for your digital transformation journey in the dynamic and evanescent world of Cloud.

Our Message and Formula

Digital technologies, devices and media have brought us great benefits while offering enormous opportunities but their use also exposes us to significant risks.  Frequent headlines announcing the latest cyber breach of a major company, government agency, or organization are the norm today.  We believe this shouldn't be so.

The problem exists as the tools to compromise networks and applications have become more accessible, while the businesses are under pressure to deliver more with less.  

We take a professional red team (simulated adversary) approach in identifying weaknesses in organizations of a variety of sizes and industries.  Our methods rely on industries best practice frameworks for carrying out threat mapping exercises.

Our certified professionals work with you to quickly ascertain key assets, threats to those assets the likelihood and impact and provide financially balanced remediation advice.

Although no one security solution is a silver bullet for all threats, we provide guidance through a  diligent consultive approach.  


Our formula:

As computing power becomes less expensive, the cost for launching automated attacks decreases.  This allows the number of attacks to increase at a given cost.  Harnessing automation and integrated intelligence can continually raise the cost of making an attack successful, eventually decreasing the number of successful attacks.

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