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Remediation Consulting


Bridge The Security Gap

Risk Assessment, and/or Vulnerability Assessment dependent, the Remediation Consulting service will include recommendations report, and possible procurement and provisioning of next generation security platforms that help harden the infrastructure.  

Although there’s no "silver bullet" solution for variety of attack vectors, we’re partnered with industry leaders, that each have unique strengths and values applicable to various vertical industries.  

Many of the technology solutions leveraged by consultants offer subscription based SaaS licensing, which help to rapidly evaluate and dramatically improve security posture without up-front capital investments.


The recommendations for hardening vulnerabilities typically include:
  • Regular Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Management;

  • Subscriber based / Managed Threat intelligence;

  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection systems (IPS/IDS);

  • Storage anti-crypt technology;

  • Security Incident and Event Management Systems (SIEM);

  • Multi-vector 0-Day aware End-Point antivirus;

  • Staff Augmentation through E-Learning;

  • Identity Management Systems (IMS).

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